Croquet All Day

The modern game of croquet can be traced back to France as early as the 13th century. Called paille-maille, it involved driving a ball through hoops using a mallet. While some of today’s croquet equipment may resemble its historic relative, the modern version has become a fun and exciting game for the beginner and experienced player alike. Perhaps the greatest pleasure, though, is found in the friendship and camaraderie that naturally accompany a game.

Home to one of the largest croquet groups in Florida, Hammock Dunes Club offers three oceanside croquet lawns offering breathtaking scenery to enhance your game. From weekly play to our popular Wine and Wickets events, members of all ages and skill levels can enjoy this fun and challenging pastime. If you are new to the sport, join us the first Friday of every month and let a seasoned member teach you techniques and appreciation for the game.